Lighting from the rules: how is a unified light environment in St. Petersburg created Magazine "Expert North-West"

An international conference has opened in the State Hermitage.

The effect of light on a comfortable environment is now being discussed at the General Staff Building of the State Hermitage Museum. There is an international scientific and practical conference "Light Design". This year's theme is "Man as a driver of the lighting industry".

Today's panel discussions are dedicated to the lighting environment in the digital age, smart solutions for residential areas, and the role of light in museum exhibitions.

ALEXEY BOGDANOV, General Director of the State Hermitage:
“For us, both interior lighting, lighting of architectural spaces, and illumination of exhibits are very important. Temperature, color, its orientation are very important. This is a huge layer of research, which, as it turned out, is not very well developed. And there are a lot of issues that need to be discussed and resolved.”

ANDREY BONDARCHUK, Chairman of the Energy Committee of St. Petersburg:
“A fairly large-scale program was implemented to create a comfortable urban environment. More than 100 territories of St. Petersburg in all districts were landscaped and in most of them it was possible to create outdoor lighting
Petersburg is planned to become the center of light culture in Russia. Now the city, together with ITMO University, has developed a project for the comprehensive development of this area, which will become part of the smart city concept.

Publication link: https://topspb.tv/news/2019/11/1/chelovek-kak-drajver-svetovoj-industrii-na-konferencii-v-ermitazhe-obsuzhdayut-razvitie-umnoj-sredy/